• Exchange Problems for Profit


    Your role is lonely, support is scarce, consulting is expensive, coaching is limited, professional advisors are silos and networking takes time. We help you solve all these problems in once place.


    The Exchange is an exclusive group that supports a cross section of business owners in the hospitality industry. Our overall mission is to ensure you build a sustainable business in through pandemics, Brexit and beyond.

    There are many 'Mastermind' groups for people who are interested in networking or getting feedback on a new venture. The Exchange leverages experience, builds value, passes on wisdom and can even accelerate your business.



    The Exchange is highly selective. The maximum number of members is 14 (we currently have a waiting list).


    We only accept individuals who run a business with a proven track record. Chemistry, commitment and ambition are other factors.



    You will have director access to a supreme team of expert facilitators and diverse experts.

    Here's whats included:

    • 1 group meeting per month (80 min.). Activities driven by group interests, needs, emergencies and projects. Your exclusive group talks openly amongst peers about personal challenges/fears, solve difficult problems, challenge assumptions, offer new perspectives, highlight blind spots, tackle difficult personal challenges and create synergies.

    • 1 Live Case Study per month (60min.) You’re guaranteed to be put in the spotlight. Bring a problem, challenge or situation and receive feedback and advice from a group of collaborative professional advisors ('The Power of Five' perspectives approach). In prior group sessions we’ve helped members evaluate exit-transition readiness, make high-level hiring decisions, select potential audiences for new products, and stress-test their business strategy.

    • Quarterly reviews (Every 3 months). This is where we hold you accountable. We will review your progress, re-establish priorities, keep you on track and adjust for any changes in your objectives.

    • 1 One to One (per month). Receive one-to-one coaching from an entrepreneur who has successfully built and sold a business.

    • Buddy Support (throughout). Get paired with another group member for support in between meetings to maintain accountability and be a sounding board.

    • 1 strategic retreat (per year). We host 2 retreats (virtual and in person). Retreats are are personal and business 're-set' to help you prepare for critical planning periods of your business (quarterly and yearly). On part of the retreat is reflection and celebration. The second part is laying the plans for the next 12 months.

    • 24/7 private forum. We’ll host a private forum to post questions, share ideas, and get feedback from your private trusted advisor network.

    When and Where

    The Exchange starts virtual and blends in face to face meeting. Next group starts September 2021.



    The program is expensive, but it is significant value if you calculate the *annual cost of external consultants, professional advisors and board of directors compared to the personal/professional results you achieve.


    There are two payment options for the next group:

    1. *Pay in full £8,000
    2. 12x monthly payment: £583/month

    We regularly raise the investment required for the group. If you’re admitted to the Pioneer Group, you’ll join for the lowest possible investment and make big gains. If you wait until the Pioneer Group closes, the investment will be higher, and you’ll miss out on a year of support from the supreme team and trusted advisor members invested in helping you soar.

    *External consultant costs
    Three-quarters of private sector organisations spend between 2% and 5% of their costs on consulting support.

    Thirteen percent spend more than 5%.
    10% spend less than 2%.
    Nearly half (49 per cent) of small businesses avoid hiring external consultants because of over inflated costs
    A third (36 per cent) citing scepticism about their level of expertise as a barrier.