• Exclusively Middle-Market


    Master the Company Lifecycle, Leading/Managing Change and Problem Solving

    Private Equity + Portfolio Manager


    • Double EBITDA in accelerated time scale (1-2 years).
    • 'Sweet spot' for 'Buy-to-Build', internal growth building and op management.
    • Create 'Fast Track'/'High Growth' business practices.
    • Position business for year-on-year growth, new investment, trade sale or IPO.
    • Predict future problems to allocate resources.  
    • One 'best in class' standardised process applies to all portfolio business and sectors.
  • Next Generation Leadership Book

    The Big Squeeze for EBITA (SPRING 2022)

    Juice Ripe Assets, Save Faulty Pears and Salvage Failing Lemons







    About the book

    The Big Squeeze is a guidebook for next-generation leadership in Private Equity (PE) who want to transform their business and industry. This isn’t a book about making fruit juice or smoothies. It just as a fun analogy for a highly technical subject that can be dreadfully analytical and tedious.

    Business owners and professional advisors sometimes perceive PE as ‘bad apples'. Since
    its beginnings (1980s) it’s had a notorious reputation for being old school performance obsessed Baby Boomers who squeeze ROI out at any cost. Now 21st century the sector is at a crossroads. Traditional modus operandi has to change to accommodate a new type of client - Generation X and Millennial businesses.

    Professor of Practice John Grisby and Serial CEO Stephen Phipps show how using a 'best in class’ change and growth methodology can significantly accelerate EBITDA any PE portfolio company. You don’t have to buy into rocket science analytics to improve growth and scale. In fact, you can experience *10% revenue growth after one year, 25% average EBITDA increase after first year and top quartile 43% growth in EBITDA after one year.

    Once adapted your will have the capacity to create/control a fast growth business (the juice), revive underperforming ones ( the pear) and perform turnarounds (the lemon).

    It’s a tried and tested approach by successful business owners, so it’s naturally aligned to modern thinking PEs.


    *Data demonstrating business results from using Company Lifecycle Methodology

  • The Power of Company Lifecycle

    Ranked #3 All Time 'Best in Class' Methodology by Inc. Magazine (USA)
    for Middle-Market Companies

    *10% revenue growth after one year.
    25% average EBITDA increase after first year.
    Top quartile 43% growth in EBITDA after one year


    *Data demonstrating business results from using Company Lifecycle Methodology

  • Identify Portfolio Company Lifecycle Position

    Assess your current health and potential to growth, scale or exit transition

  • The ALPHA Project 4.0

    Accelerating Leadership/Management practice in Highly Ambitious Middle-Market Business

    Master the Company Lifecycle, Leading/Managing Change and Solving Problems

    *UK Middle-Market companies underperform in four areas

    1. Leadership/Management
    2. Digital Technologies
    3. Productivity and Financing
    4. Staffing for the future

    *Based on UK Industrial Strategy and CMI 2020 reports

    If your PE portfolio businesses are typically underperforming
    multiply the power of its leadership/management and become an
    ALPHA 4.0
    (Accelerate Leadership/Management Practice in Highly Ambitious Middle-Market Companies)



    Different ranges for different results

    Project 1
    Pathway to Prime

    Learn the path and fundamentals to achieving Prime (Short-Term wins)

    Leadership/Management Practice

    Project 2
    Mining for Growth


    Extract golden nuggets of opportunity
    (Medium-Term execution 30-60-90 days)

    Leadership/Management Multiplied

    Project 3


    Grow, scale or exit-transition
    (Long-term empowerment)

    Leadership/Management Embedded