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    Middle-Market Leadership 4.0

  • ALPHA 4.0
    Middle-Market 4.0

    Aspire to be an ALPHA - Accelerate Leadership/Management in Highly Ambitious Middle-Market Business.

    Learn the 'First Principles' of operating a middle-market business in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Topics include Company Lifecycle, Leading/Managing Change and Solving Problems.

    Insights and practices are particularly useful for company founder/owners businesses
    in the 'sweet spot' - with annual turnover of at least £1m, six or more employees and considering a path to either grow, scale or exit-transition.


    The 'First Principles' are based on Company Lifecycle Methodology, ranked #3 by Inc. Magazine (USA) as all time 'best in class' methodology for business change and growth .


    Produced by John Grisby/
    Professor of Practice