• Founder/Owner Business 4.0

    Master the Company Lifecycle | Lead/Manage Through Change | Solve Problems 




    1 Session | 5 Sessions | 10 Sessions



  • Dynamic tailored transformational learning experience

    for progressive business owners



    Traditional business improvement solutions are a commodity in the fourth industrial revolution - future focused cost reduction is business 1.0, teaching/changing behaviour is business 2.0 and commercial productivity is business 3.0. Business 4.0 will require new business improvement capacities - leading/managing through change and solving difficult problems. 



    • 1 Session: Founder/Owner strategic advising taster with digital educational media to learn/educate.

    • 5 Sessions: +Founder/Owner strategic advising to develop/perform.

    • 10 Sessions: ++Founder/Owner strategic advising to embed/transform.



    Real World Practical

    Learn and Practice

    Implement Decisions Successfully

    Designed for Full-Time Founder/Owners

    Action Plan | Results

    What one-to-one company lifecycle advisory can include

    • Semi-Tailored or Fully Tailored engagement.
    • Meeting Options: In person or weekly, monthly or quarterly sessions (Zoom or other related platforms).
    • Premium digital media content to reinforce topics/themes (1-year license).
    • Signed copy of "ALPHA Project 4.0 - The pathway to accelerating next generation middle market business" by John Grisby/Prof of Practice.
    • Coming soon:"ALPHA Project 4.0 - The pathway to accelerating next generation middle market business" audio chapter breakdown by John Grisby/Prof of Practice.
    • Informal Assessments/Diagnostic.
    • Decision Making and Implementation.
    • Growth Methodology Principles/Fundamentals
    • Stages, Transitions and Traps
    • Styles, Teams and Conflict

    *Limited availability. Only 12 places are available per year. Investment depends on your desired objectives/goals and results.

  • Tailored One-to-One Founder/Owner Business Advistory 4.0



    Who Will Benefit

    • Company Founder/Owner Entrepreneur - MD or Family Owned Business
    • Aged between 30 and 50 years old.
    • Family owned business. Privately held established business between 5 and 25 years old or multi generational
    • Business staff size between 10 to 100.
    • Business turnover between £1M - £50M.
    • Business on 'Growth' side of the Company Lifecycle (either ‘Go-Go’, ‘Adolescence’ or ‘Prime’).


    • Owner/Business ‘existential need’ to proactively develop role/business activity to grow and scale (typical problems-opportunities)

    Tangible Outcomes

    • Prepare CEO/MD and team for the next lifecycle stage.
    • Balance entrepreneurial drive with structured management. 
    • Learn and practice growth methodology principles/fundamentals
    • Start building capacity to work ‘in’ (day-to-day) and ‘on’ (strategy) the business. 
    • Predict future problems to allocate resources.  
    • Avoid typical business 'Founders/Family Trap' and premature ageing.