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    45/50MIN - The Power of 3 Insight




    Professional advisors receive your business background information


    Live Case Study Time

    Intensive analysis and inquiry from the 'Three Pillar' perspective



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  • The Power of Perspectives




  • The Power 3

    The 'Three Pillar" Perspective


    Our format brings together a select group of expert and independent professional advisors who scrutinise your business exit-transition plan.

    The highly intensive and in-depth session provides insight into how your business would potentially achieve an exit-transition

    using the 'Three Pillars' perspective - Business Value Growth, Business Value Transfer and Owner Life and Legacy.


    No other forum gives you the opportunity to learn more about preparing and executing real time.

    *Sell, transition, M&A or close

    I. Business Value Growth

    • Innovation/Developing new products 
    • Management and leadership 
    • Efficiency and Production 
    • Financial Accounting 
    • Business Growth 
    • Marketing 
    • Exporting 

    II. Business Value Transfer

    • Tax/NI law and Payment 
    • Asset Management 
    • Workplace Pension 
    • Capital Investment 
    • Employment Law 
    • Health and Safety 
    • Legal Issues 
    • Regulations 
    • M&A

    III. Owner Life and Legacy

    • Individual Goals 
    • Family Goals 
    • Guiding Values 
    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    • Contunuing Legacyu 
    • Wealth Management 
    • Retirement Planning


    *Exit-Planning Exchange Global (XPX)