• Exit-Transition

    Exclusively Middle-Market

    Master the Company Lifecycle | Leading/Managing Change | Problem Solving


    'Baby-Boomer' Exit-Transition


    • Meet and connect with professional advisors who work collaboratively to help private business owners build business value.
    • Learn about the 'three pillars' of business value for selling your business.
    • Build relationships and expand your network with other business owners.
    • Become a member of XPX London Chapter and receive multiple benefits:
  • The Power of Six

    Six Expert Perspectives on Your Business

    Exit-Transition Live Case Study format

    1.  Topic: choose the topic of interest related to your exit-transition.

    2.  Pre-meeting: chosen professional advisors receive your business information.

    3.  Live Case Study Time: Introductions + 'Three Pillars' analysis + Q&A (1HR max).

    4.  Post-meeting: follow up, informal advice and connections.

  • Dynamic tailored transformational learning experience
    for funder/owners and their key senior management team

    • Project 1: Pathway to Prime for achieving short-term wins (learn/educate).

    • Project 2: Minding for Growth for medium-term opportunity executing (develop/perform 30-60-90 days).

    • Project 3: Prime for achieving long-term growth, scale or exit-transition (embed/transform). 


    Team | Collaborate

    Real-World Practical | Results

    Innovate | Synergise

    Results Focused | Outcomes

    Designed for 'Full-Time' Companies

    Action Plan | Implement


    What company engagements can include

    • Different ranges for different results.
    • Meeting options: In person or weekly, monthly or quarterly sessions (Zoom or other related platforms).
    • Premium digital media content to reinforce topics/themes (1-year license).
    • Signed copy of "ALPHA Project 4.0 - The pathway to accelerating next generation middle market business" by John Grisby/Prof of Practice.
    • Coming soon:"ALPHA Project 4.0 - The pathway to accelerating next generation middle market business" audio chapter breakdown by John Grisby/Prof of Practice.
    • Growth Methodology Principles/Fundamentals  
    • Synergistic Team Building 
    • Specific Subsystem Diagnostic
    • Identify/Solve Points of Improvement  
    • Growth Improvement Action Plan 
    • Prepare Implementation 
    • Execute (30-60-90 days) 
  • The 'Three Pillars' of Exit-Transition

    The process of business exit-transition is difficult and complex. Just to begin the process you have to make your way through a labyrinth of contacts, advisors and meetings. At the same time you’re trying to focus on running day-to-day business. It’s very costly - a minimum of one year in time and revenue.


    The Power of Six neatly packages all that into one hour format - for *free. You and your business become a 'Live Case Study' - the focus of analysis and attention from six collaborative, non-competing professional advisers. The professional advisors are experts in specialist areas across the *Three Pillars of exit-transition - Business Growth, Value and Legacy.


    During the one hour intensive meeting they judge your business and informally advise how to approach exit-transition. It’s powerful way to obtain insight, feedback and Q&A from very high level experts.


    *Live Case Study participant selection is by network invitation only.

    I. Business Value Growth

    • Innovation/Developing new products 
    • Management and leadership 
    • Efficiency and Production 
    • Financial Accounting 
    • Business Growth 
    • Marketing 
    • Exporting 

    II. Business Value Transfer

    • Tax/NI law and Payment 
    • Asset Management 
    • Workplace Pension 
    • Capital Investment 
    • Employment Law 
    • Health and Safety 
    • Legal Issues 
    • Regulations 
    • M&A

    III. Owner Life and Legacy

    • Individual Goals 
    • Family Goals 
    • Guiding Values 
    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    • Contunuing Legacyu 
    • Wealth Management 
    • Retirement Planning


    *Exit-Planning Exchange Global (XPX)
  • Tailored Company Engagements



    Who Will Benefit

    • Company Founder/Owner Entrepreneur - MD or Family Owned Business
    • Aged between 30 and 50 years old.
    • Family owned business. Privately held established business between 5 and 25 years old or multi generational
    • Business staff size between 10 to 100.
    • Business turnover between £1M - £50M.
    • Business on 'Growth' side of the Company Lifecycle - either ‘Go-Go’, ‘Adolescence’ or ‘Prime’.


    • Situation #1: Owner/Business ‘existential need’ to proactively develop role/business activity to grow and scale (typical problems-opportunities).
    • Situation #2: Owner/Business ‘existential crisis’ forced to invest effort, money and time ‘firefighting’ reacting to problems/challenges beyond capacity/capability to control (abnormal problems/traps/prematurely ageing).
    • Situation #3: Opportunity to M&A or Exit-Transition and need to accelerate growth, scale, EBITDA or value creation (typical problems-opportunities).
    • Situation #4: Key senior management/team are reactive to problems/challenges beyond beyond capacity/capability to deal with.
    • Situation #5: Using future focused and/or non customised solutions, which treat all businesses as equal when they are not (i.e. fast growth, stagnant plateau or disintegration/ turnaround).
    • Situation #6: Transitioning from strategy/process/technical optimisation to people/performance optimisation (i.e. from Lean, Six Sigma and Agile process to leadership/management capacity and capability building engagements).

    Tangible Outcomes

    • Double business valuation (EBITDA) in accelerated time scale (1-2 years).
    • Diagnose business holistically (problems, symptoms and manifestations).
    • Solve difficult problems and deliver opportunities at the current lifecycle stage.
    • Prepare CEO/MD and team for the next lifecycle stage.
    • Build capacity to work ‘In’ (day-to-day) and ‘On’ (strategy).
    • Predict future problems to allocate resources.
    • Stop day-to-day ‘fire fighting'.
    • Avoid typical business 'Founders/Family Trap' and premature ageing.