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    Traditional PE value creation capacity is now a commodity in the fourth industrial revolution - cost reduction is PE 1.0, financial engineering is PE 2.0 and commercial productivity is PE 3.0.  


    PE 4.0 will require new value creation capacities to solve difficult problems in ESG, digital transformation, performance and talent management.



    PE 4.0 Value Creation Community of Practice (CoP)

    This exclusive four part series is for progressive PE leaders who want to learn hands on value creation tools and practice. Short intensive sessions will accelerate capacity in your role and teams. Data shows business results from applying CoP tools can include


    +10% revenue growth after one year.

    +25% average EBITDA increase after the first year.

    +45% growth top quartile sector growth in EBITDA after one year.

    In Part I you’ll learn the fundamentals. Parts II, III, IV you'll practice 'Mining for Growth' -

    a highly focused approach used to idenify and deliver on golden nuggets of value hidden inside your business's subsystems. Practice is through a live case study (i.e. portfolio business)


    Part I. Principles + Case Study (Sept 2022)

    Part II. Mining for Growth - ESG Live Case Study (Oct 2022)

    Part III. Mining for Growth - Talent Management Live Case Study (Nov 2022)

    Part IV. Mining for Growth - Digital Transformation Live Case Study (Dec 2022)


    Take aways 

    • Form the basis of your Value Creation practice and methodology.
    • Multiply your porfolio business EBITDA in an accelerated time scale. 

    Registration limited to 14 participants



    Where: Virtual


    Date: First Tuesday of each month (Autumn)

    - Part I. Tuesday, September 6th

    - Part II. Tuesday, October 4th

    - Part III. Tuesday, November 1st

    - Part IV. Tuesday, December 6th


    Time: London 11 AM to 12 Noon


    - Directors of ESG/Sustainability

    - Value Creation Consultants

    - Progressive Portfolio Managers

    - M&A Advisors

    - Value Creation Investors



    Value Creation 4.0 fundamentals, methodolgies, tools, Case Studies, learning and pracrtice.  




    Meet your Professor of Practice

    John Grisby FHEA CMBE CMgrMI MA