• Next Generation Middle Market Leadership

    ALPHA Project 4.0 (Spring 2023)

    The pathway to accelerating next generation middle market business

    EBITA | Growth | Value Creation




    About the book

    Middle market business is at a crossroads. Traditional business improvement 'modus operandi' needs to change to accommodate a new type of client - the 21st century Generation X and Millennial business.

    ALPHA PROJECT 4.0 is a results producing method for next-generation middle market business leaders who want to transform their approach to the new era of business/industry. It’s useful for any leadership role in the middle-market ecosystem - business owner/ entrepreneur, Private Equity Portfolio Manager, M&A Advisor and business growth coach/specialist.

    Professor of Practice John Grisby and Serial CEO Stephen Phipps demonstrate how using the ALPHA PROJECT 4.0 creates a pathway to significantly accelerate EBITDA, Growth and Value Creation. The pathway is based on 'best in class' change and growth methodology, not theory or advice. Ranked #3 methodology of 'all time' by Inc. Magazine (USA) and top ten in change management by HR TECH Outlook, it is has been used in over over 70 countries and tens of thousands of companies world wide.

    Business improvement is not rocket science as many consultancies, investors and growth advisors would have you believe. It does however require a shift, which the book outlines in a step by step process of phases. The number of phases you choose to implement will depend on the level of time and investment you want to dedicate to achieving your desired objectives/goals.

    *Data shows business results from using the Results Mechanism consistently can.

    • Increase revenue growth by 10% after one year.
    • Increase EBITDA on an average 25% after one year.
    • Place businesses in the top quartile of their sector with a 43% growth in EBITDA after one year.

    Once adapted your leadership will have the capacity/capability to create and control fast growth business, turnaround underperformance and rescue failing assets.


    Align your leadership practice to the modern world and make your desired results reality.


    *Data demonstrating business results from using Company Lifecycle Methodology