ALPHA Virtual Peer Advisory


    An Exclusive Invitation
    to Elevate Your Business Presence







  • Helping Middle-Market Founder/Owner Entrepreneurs
    master the Company Lifecycle, leading/managing change and solving problems
    for growth, scale or exit-transition




    The Alpha Peer Group is an exclusive by invitation only collaboration, created to empower Middle-Market Founder/Owner Entrepreneurs.

    If this is YOU, then you’re likely to be facing more challenges than most other businesses. Your entrepreneurial ‘DNA’ sacrifice, commitment, vision and values are very different from a traditional ‘MD’ operated business and should be nurtured with this key variant very much in the fore.


    Alpha Peer Advisory supports ambitious, progressive business owners, like yourself with a highly focused forum to achieve whatever your ambitions, growth, scale or exit transition.

  • Accelerating Leadership/Management in Highly Ambitious Middle-Market Business

    The joining criteria speak for themselves. Chemistry and ambition form the essential bases to creating our small dynamic groups. In addition, members are Founder/Owner Entrepreneurs of medium-sized businesses with annual turnover of +£1m and six or more employees.

  • ALPHA Virtual Peer Advisory Overview

    • 1 Intake + Mid-Year Meeting
      8 intensive
       morning meetings per year (90min)
    • 1 Discovery Meeting one-to-one coaching sessions with a successful  Founder/Owner Entrepreneur (built/sold a business).
    • Up to 4 Professional Advisor Sessions. 
    • Access to an exclusive community and resources of Founder /Owner Entrepreneurs business that who face similar
      problems, issues and opportunities.
    • Additional support 1:1 coaching (optional/additional investment)
    • Combination of onsite/virtual (with the same benefits). 

    *Data demonstrating business results from using Company Lifecycle Methodology

    • 10% revenue growth after one year
    • 25% average EBITDA increase after first year
    • Top quartile 43% growth in EBITDA after one year

    Designed for the challenges of Owner/Entrepreneurs

    How ALPHA Virtual Works

    Exclusive and confidential peer advisory group

    • Master Company Lifecycle, leading/managing change and problem solving with an exclusive group
      of  12-14 Founder/Owner Entrepreneurs.
    • Invitation by chemistry, commitment, ambition, dynamic and Company Lifecycle stage.
    Short, Intensive Tailored Meetings
    • Alternating agenda between core 'mastery' work and flexible member driven activities.
    • Clear outcomes - practical, action planning and implementing back in business.
    Professional Advisor Sessions
    • Receive expert support/problem solving in specific areas of the key 'three pillars' (building business value).
    • Be introduced to a network of high quality, collaborative professional advisors.

    'Buddy System' Support

    • Get paired with another group member for support in between meetings.
    • Activate new ideas for business growth and personal development.

    Exclusive network and community

    • Join a community of likeminded Founder/Owner Entrepreneurs.
    • Receive added value and support outside of meetings.

    1:1 Founder/Owner Mindset Coaching (optional)

    • Receive one-to-one coaching from an entrepreneur who has successfully built and sold a business.

  • ALPHA Virtual Peer Advisory Facilitators

    John Grisby (FHEA CMBE CMgrMI MA)
    Prof of Practice and Managing Partner

    I facilitate building capacity/capability in privately owned business and Private Equity portfolio companies using the Company Lifecycle Methodology - ranked #3 by Inc. Magazine (USA) as all time 'best in class' methodology for business growth and change. I really understand the difficult challanges Founder/Owner Entrepreneurs face having worked with diverse companies, such as a seventh generation UK family owed business (£20M Turnover) and US fast growth company ($50M turnover). As a Prof of Practice I've developed SME growth programmes for the EU/UK/SEMLEP which include, Innovation Bridge, ICT Escalator and Post-Covid-19 Business Continuity and Micro Knowledge Exchange Partnership (MKE). I'm Founder of XPX London Chapter, part of XPX Global (USA), an association of professional advisors who work collaboratively to
    help owners build valuable businesses and assist them in preparing and executing a successful transition.

    Listen to John's podcast

    Graeme Godfrey
    Founder/Owner Entrepreneur and Coach

    I successfully built and sold my own business within the last few years and have experience with many of the challenges faced by business owners. I now work as a top level coach, helping businesses to grow and succeed by untangling damaging issues, be they relationship, business, exit planning or other and help create winning strategies for peak performance in life and business.




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  • Entrepreneurial Mastery | Company Lifecycle | Lead/Manage Change | Solve Problems